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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Fire set at back of Tilly Molloy community building Armoy

Yesterday evening a fire was lit to the rear of the Tilly Molloy Community Building in Armoy.

It appears the fire was started on the other side of the emergency exit from the room where the Playgroup takes place. Thankfully no damage was caused to the inside of the building other than smoke damage.

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A spokesperson for Armoy Community Association has said;

“The remains of that fire were once again cleared up by Robert Johnston ( Josie), our caretaker. We understand the fire was lit by a group of young people.

The dangers are obvious. The potential for disaster are real. This is not good fun.The young people involved know it is wrong. We ask them to stop now.

People live in the flats in Tilly’s and to light a fire is incredibly dangerous. So is the fume damage to the playgroup and the whole building for that matter.”

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The fire has been reported to the police and the spokesperson has said they will be installing CCTV in this area.

Any information about last night’s fire is to be passed on to the police. Crime reference number -399 – 28/4/2019.

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