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Monday, October 18, 2021

Lock, flower stocks and two quarters of sweets! Councillor Wallace takes up new role.

From sweets to flowers to locks, but could the role of Councillor be Ivor Wallace’s biggest achievement and challenge yet.

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Ivor has spent over 30 years in business in one shape or other in Ballymoney and has become one of their own despite not being from the town originally.

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As well as his involvement in business life, Ivor has much experience in community life and activities and is a popular and likeable character around the area.

This might just be why he was one of the seven local councillors elected on Friday to serve on council for the next 4 years on behalf of Ballymoney, and only his first time standing as a candidate.

(R-L) Cllr Ivor Wallace alongside Cllr Alan McLean 📸MCAULEY MULTIMEDIA
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Speaking after getting elected to the Ballymoney Bubble, Ivor said;

“I’m absolutely delighted to have received 826 first preference votes on my first outing. I’m looking forward to being a good representative for Ballymoney and it’s surrounding area. I really want to thank all those people who took the time and trouble to come out and give me their vote. I really appreciate it.”

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