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McAuley: ‘Council are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t’


DUP Councillor John McAuley has spoken out defending councils preparations for an increase in visitors to the Causeway Coast this Easter weekend.

Councillor McAuley has said: “Preparations have been made for the anticipated influx of visitors to the Causeway Coast this weekend with temporary toilets and barriers put in place yesterday afternoon.

“This has resulted in another social media storm but let’s deal with the facts.

  • Council do not make the rules and regulations;
  • Council are not responsible for stopping visitors to the area – that is the responsibility of the PSNI;
  • Following this weeks failure of the PPS to prosecute those who clearly broke the law, it is clear a large number of people have declared that they will be enjoying themselves this weekend including plans to visit the North Coast

“As a result Council have put measures in place to deal with this anticipated influx and I congratulate them for taking this initiative, as far too often we are a reactive organisation and not proactive.

“No doubt the very same people condemning the council for providing additional amenities would be the same people condemning them over the weekend for there not being enough provision of toilets.

“This is not a case of Council encouraging visitors, it’s simply being prepared for the inevitable.”