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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Mosside ‘child cruelty, Couple appear in Coleraine court

The couple at the centre of charges relating to the serious injury of a small baby at their Mosside home last week, appeared in front of a judge at Coleraine courthouse.

Following an incident at the Mosside home last week, a small child just over one month old, was taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast with what was described as a serious injury.

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Two individuals, which have been named Amanda Fulton, 31, and her husband Christopher Fulton, 30, are charged over the alleged offences on 7 November and were named by several news papers but a press ban prevented details being released.

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The house was sealed of and detectives brought in, including forensics, to begin an investigation. It’s believed the house still remains sealed off.

The charges put to the couple in court were:

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‘Cruelty to a child, grievous bodily harm with intent and causing or allowing a child or vulnerable adult to suffer serious physical harm.’

There is also a further charge of ‘cruelty to a child’ against one of the other children in the house.

The child was been taken to his GP who sent the child to hospital via ambulance. Injuries discovered included a fractured skull, bleed on the brain, broken ribs and laceration to the baby’s liver.

On further investigation a second child was found to have discolouration on the back of their skull and ear.

Bail was refused and the couple were remanded in custody.

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