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Mulholland quits SDLP to become ‘independent inclusive voice’


In a shock announcement tonight, Councillor Angela Mulholland revealed that she has today resigned from the SDLP.

Councillor Mulholland follows her previous colleague Councillor Stephanie Quigley in stepping away from the party in favour of standing as an independent.

In the space of a month, the all Woman SDLP party in Council has went from six to four.

The news was exclusively broke by Causeway Coast Community earlier. Speaking to the media outlet, Cllr Mulholland said:

“The recent lockdown has caused many changes for our local Council, local businesses, and local people within our communities.

“Indeed, the lockdown has made many of us reassess our lifestyles and our lives. Throughout lockdown and indeed beforehand I have been reflecting upon my role as a councillor.

“I want to be a voice for everyone in the Borough and to serve the interests of all in a truly inclusive and open way.

” In this time of reflection, I have made the decision to become an Independent Councillor. Taking this step as an Independent Councillor will afford me the opportunity to be an ‘Independent Inclusive Voice’ for the whole community.

“I owe so much to party colleagues who have been truly supportive and. I would like to thank everyone in the community who voted for me last time and I hope to represent everyone in my new role without any affiliation to any political party.

“I look forward with renewed ambition and determination to playing my part in building a better future for everyone here in Causeway Coast and Glens.”