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Notification received for Dervock parade on 13th July

Dervock young defenders on parade

Plans have been revealed for three low key parades in Northern Ireland over the Twelfth of July holidays.

The Parades Commission has received notification for two events in Cookstown, and one in the North Antrim village of Dervock. Notification has also been lodged for a larger parade in Belfast in September.

The organisers of all four say they’ll withdraw the applications if Covid-19 restrictions still apply. The Commission says it will keep the parades under review.

In a statement a spokesperson for the Parade Commission said: *Parades notified before lockdown *

“For parades notified to the PSNI and the Commission before lockdown, the Commission contacts organisers on a rolling basis three-weeks in advance of the notified date of their parade to ascertain if they are aware of the Covid-19 regulations.

“At the time of writing, all organisers of parades notified until 5th June have stated that they are aware of the Covid-19 regulations and have authorised the Commission to withdraw their parade notifications. There are, therefore, no parades notified to the Commission for the next three weeks.”

*Parades notified after lockdown*

“The Commission has currently four parade notifications received after lockdown. These are for two parades, with 30 participants, in Cookstown on 11th and 13th July, a parade of 24 participants in Dervock on 13th July, and a large parade in Belfast on 12th September. The organisers of each of these parades have stated to the Commission that they will not hold their events if the Covid-19 regulations prohibit them.

“The Commission will keep all notified parades under review and will maintain communications with parade organisers and the PSNI regarding them. The Commission has no role regarding the interpretation nor enforcement of Covid-19 regulations.”