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Rip current warning as teenagers get into difficulty at Portrush East Strand


The Coastguard has warned of the dangers of rip currents after three teenagers got into difficulties at the East Strand in Portrush yesterday evening.

Speaking about the incident, a spokesperson on behalf of the Coastguard said: “At 2153 yesterday evening, the Coleraine Coastguard Team was again tasked to the East Strand Portrush, following a report of three persons in difficulty in the water. Portrush Inshore Lifeboat was also tasked.

“The three casualties were quickly located: now safely ashore, all were given immediate care by the Coastguard Team, before being given further attention by NIAS personnel.

The three teenage girls had been caught in a rip current and were in danger of being swept further out to sea. Fortunately their cries for help had been heard by people walking on the beach, and the Coastguard had been alerted. A member of the public had entered the water and had assisted all three girls to safety.

Thankfully, after their terrifying ordeal, all three casualties were able to be collected from the scene by their parents.”

The Coastguard also issued the following advice:

  • It is very dangerous to swim where you are not aware of the hazards and risks, and how to avoid them: it is much safer to stay within the area patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards;
  • Rip currents pose a particular risk on many of our beaches;
  • Swimming as darkness falls is not recommended: if you get into difficulty, your cries for help may not be heard and you will be very hard to locate in the water;
  • Always call 999 to alert the COASTGUARD if you think that someone is in difficulties.