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AQE assessments registration delayed until Thursday 14th May.


The AQE have provided an update to p6 pupils and parents, saying that registration has been delayed from Wednesday 29th April to Thursday 14th May for assessments due to be taken in the Autumn.

Posting an update on the AQE website, they said: “In the continuing uncertainty caused by Covid-19, AQE is endeavouring to provide clarity to P6 pupils and parents about the arrangements for the tests which are scheduled to take place during the next academic year. AQE’s first priority in planning for the assessments is the health and wellbeing of the pupils and staff involved.

“Registration for parents of P6 children who will sit the AQE assessments in the Autumn was due to open on Wednesday 29th April 2020. We continue to have discussions with key stakeholders to ensure that the best possible provision is made for applicants and, to facilitate these discussions, registration will now open on Thursday 14th May.

“There has been no change to how registration will operate, following on from our communication at the end of last week; however there are a few things that we should perhaps clarify;

  1. Downloadable and paper versions of the registration form are not available at the moment as we have no access to the office and therefore cannot receive them by post. However, we do intend to make these available when government restrictions are eased to allow us to facilitate both online and postal registrations.
  2. Photographs for the registration form can be taken at home by parents but should meet the basic criteria (a clear image, taken from the shoulders up, cropped to passport size and no larger than 9MB).
  3. Documentation to be uploaded (birth certificates / passports / FSM confirmation) should be scanned rather than photographed to ensure the full document is included, without anything else in the background and that the information on the document is legible.

“If there is anything else we can assist you with, please do not hesitate to get in touch.”

The AQE’s online registration form will be made available on the AQE Website as soon as registration opens.