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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Belfast Council to go ahead and remove car park bonfire

Belfast City Council have confirmed that they will proceed with their original plan to remove a bonfire from Avoniel after a vote by Councillors.

The bonfire, situated within the car park of the areas leisure centre, was deemed unsafe and marked for removal as it sat on council ground.

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The bonfire builders to avoid confrontation, voluntarily removed tyres yesterday believing this was the issue, but after meeting council themselves today, the position to continue with removal hasn’t changed.

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Jamie Bryson, unionists activist, has spoken out against the bonfires total removal saying,

“Some fools told us it was just about tyres. Many of us argued that was just a ruse. And so it comes to pass. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wood only bonfire or how small- they want to smash every aspect of PUL culture. Now maybe everyone can see the real agenda.”

Mr Bryson also became involved over the weekend when police and council contractors moved in and dismantled a bonfire in East Belfast where he accused a PSNI office of the ‘unlawful’ use of the offices body worn video.

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It’s also been confirmed that a mass demonstration has been organised later this evening by loyalists at Avoniel Leasure Centrein as a ‘peaceful protest’ against Belfast City councils decision.

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