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Dodds announces payments to be extended under two business support schemes


Economy Minister Diane Dodds has announced the extension of payments under two of the Covid business support schemes.

Payments to businesses under the Covid Restrictions Business Support Scheme (CRBSS), Part A and Part B, and the Large Hospitality and Tourism Business Support Scheme (LHTBSS) will continue up until 23 May for those businesses who remain eligible. 

Under the CRBSS scheme, businesses that remain eligible will continue to receive a weekly grant of £600 for Part A and between £300 and £800 for Part B. Eligibility will be dependent on decisions taken by the Executive on the future easing of restrictions. Where necessary, payments will continue up to 23 May.

The Large Tourism and Hospitality Business Support Scheme makes payments based on weekly amounts of between £2,400 and £41,900 depending on an individual business’ NAV. The majority of businesses will continue to receive support up to 23 May.

Top-up payments will automatically be issued to eligible businesses under both schemes in line with ongoing restrictions.

The Minister said: “I am pleased to confirm that payments to eligible businesses under the CRBSS and LHTBSS will continue while restrictions for some of these businesses remain in place.

“To date, over £70million has been paid out to businesses under Part A and B of the CRBSS and £38million under LHTBSS. These payments have protected many jobs and saved businesses.

“I am focused on rebuilding and the recovery of our economy and will continue to support businesses until it is safe for them to reopen.”