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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Soldier F case adjourned until December

The case against Soldier F has been adjourned until December following a short hearing this morning.

At the hearing, the Soldiers lawyers confirmed that they intend to challenge an attempt to send the case against Soldier F to the Crown Court for a trial.

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Mark Mulholland QC said that he would be ‘challenging the legal move’ and calling witnesses at a ‘mixed committal hearing’.

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The District Judge Barney McElholm also further granted the anonymity order which will see the identity of Solder F protected.

HOWEVER outside the court the Bloody Sunday family solicitor Ciaran Shiels said the families will be ‘robustly challenging’ Soldier F’s anonymity. he went on to say that;

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“Public confidence in this prosecution requires it to proceed in an open and transparent manner”.

An adjournment of the proceeding was put in place for December 4.

Relatives of Bloody Sunday victims were at today’s short hearing despite the absence of Soldier F.

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