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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bob & Berts offering ‘free school meals’

In a generous gesture, Bob & Berts Ballymoney, will be offering ‘free school meals’ to Children who would normally be eligible for these at school, but can’t due to the announced closures.

In a message on the various Facebook pages across their stores, including Ballymoney, the company announced:

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“In such uncertain times like these our whole community must pull together! If our Government closes schools there will be little children all over NI & Scotland going hungry! Some children only have one warm meal a day and that’s in our schools.

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“If you normally get free school meals then as long as we are open and we can get supplies then discreetly mention to your server at the till between 1100 & 1400hrs that you get free school meals and we will sort out with one of our kids meals for free.

“If there is a store near you then pop in!”

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