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Former Ballymoney man & Tech Company owner creates a lifesaving product and game changer for Emergency Services.


Medical alert products are nothing new, ranging from ID tags, bracelets and alert cards for you wallet or purse. BUT a new invention by a former Ballymoney man, turned tech company owner, could be a ‘game changer, for emergency services.

Bernard Sparkes and his company (BERT – Business Enterprise Risk Technology Ltd) have created what they describe as a ‘The Medical & ID Alert System for the 21st Century’ called BERTS Alert.

The BERTS Alert uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives, using one of the systems Smart-cards or Smart-chips or Smart-fob to access your vital information securely in an emergency.

Simply carry with you your unique Smart-Card or Smart-Fob, or place a Smart-Chip on something you always have with you such as a motorcycle helmet, and emergency services personnel will be able to scan it and find out everything you want them to know and is the smart solution that gives everyone the confidence to know that any type of emergency can be managed quickly, correctly and successfully.

The system is an annual subscription with two tiers available to suit everyones specific needs and requirements.

This system is available across the UK, including Northern Ireland – with further information or to purchase the BERTS Alert system visit the website https://berts.world/berts-alert-medical-id/