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Online competition business creating 3 new jobs


A business holding online competitions has created three new jobs on the North Coast.

AJS Competitions are offering a low odds competitions product from their website where luxury items including electronics, fashion, cars, motorcycles and boats are sold at raffle.

Joshua from AJS Competitions said, “we’re delighted to be offering up many luxury items with low odds. It’s a really simple process, the customer must first answer a skills based question correctly to be in with the chance to win. For example we have just raffled a Mauawkee Tool bundle, 30 tickets were sold at £12.50. Once sold out we go live on Facebook and draw the winning ticket using a random number generator. Our first winner was David Law from Portglenone and we wish him all the best with his tool set.”

Many competition pages have popped up over the past few months on social media so we asked AJS what makes them different.

Joshua said, “Yes you’re absolutely right, lots have popped up and there are many questions around reliability and the reputation of any new business, everyone faces problems like these. All we can say is the proof is in the winners, page likes and ticket sales so watch this space!”