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Virtual Bushmills Banquet


The Annual Bushmills Salmon and Whiskey Festival like all other festivals has been cancelled due to Covid-19 but that has not stopped the local hospitality businesses and producers who trade at the festival getting together to create a ‘virtual experience’ in celebration of the quality food and drink available in Bushmills and the surrounding area. 

The Virtual Bushmills Banquet will broadcast on Causeway Coast Community Facebook page on Friday 12th June at 7pm, the eve of what should have been the Festival Weekend. 
The Bushmills Business Association (BBA) have in the past delivered a successful Banquet in the main marquee with tickets selling out in under 15 minutes. 

BBA Chairman Roy Bolton said: “There is a great spirit of collaboration here in Bushmills amongst the business community and that has strengthened since this crisis, so it is not surprising that this virtual event is being organised. Events have an important part to play in building the reputation of Bushmills to becoming the top Food and Drink Destination in the Province. 

“We are delighted to work with Taste Causeway Members and traders from the Naturally North Coast & Glens Market to remind viewers of the delights that await them when we can safely open our businesses in the short term and deliver foodie events in the longer term. 

“The crisis has had a devasting effect on the food and drink industry but many small business owners have quickly adapted or diversified their business model. The Virtual Banquet will bring you a snapshot of that innovative spirit from Bespoke Barrels to Gourmet Dine-In delivered to your door.”

 Roy concluded, “Fortunately, the group did not have to look too far for their musical performances as they have musically gifted members which when added to the cooking and cocktail demonstrations is set to be an evening not to be missed.”