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​Recycling levels increase across Causeway Coast and Glens


Recycle Week starts today and Recycle Now along with Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council want to thank everyone for continuing to recycle despite all that has happened this year.

Statistics show that through lockdown Northern Ireland has become even more environmentally aware, with 83% of households saying they ‘regularly recycle’.

This desire to protect the environment is highlighted by those living in Causeway Coast and Glens, with almost 20% more waste recycled via blue bins during lockdown.

Across the Borough, overall household recycling and composting has increased from 47.72% in 2018-19 to 54.40% in 2019-20.

Ian Garner, Head of WRAP NI, said: “It’s fantastic to see that despite everything that has been thrown at them this year, more people than ever in the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough are taking responsibility for protecting the environment by choosing to recycle. This is something we can all do, wherever we live – an individual action that, when performed by everyone, adds up to a huge change.

“The Borough’s recycling and waste workers have been real heroes too, providing the best service possible under the most difficult of circumstances. The recognition they received in the form of friendly waves, notes, cards and gifts left out for them is heart-warming proof of how people in the Borough have cooperated.

“Recycle Week this year is an opportunity to thank everyone for continuing to recycle, whatever their circumstances and to celebrate the way we have all pulled together. There has been a positive leap forward in attitudes that we must capitalise on so we can do even better in the coming year!”

Supporting this message of thanks, the Mayor of Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council, Alderman Mark Fielding, added: “Recycling and reducing our waste is something we must all take responsibility for, and news that our residents are recycling more than ever should be commended.

“The public have been very supportive of our frontline staff and the support that has been shown to them right across the Borough has been gratefully received. I am proud to echo this and offer my sincere thanks to those who have maintained this essential service to the highest standard.”

“Our recycling rate continues to be something we are proud off and I want to ask everyone to help us maintain and improve this by making full use of our brown and blue bin collections.”

“If you need to use our Household Recycling Centres, remember you must book an appointment in advance, sort your waste before leaving home and be able to offload it yourself to maintain social distancing.

“By working together we can help to create a more sustainable Borough for all.”

Everyone from organisations to individuals can support Recycle Week by using #RecycleWeek on social media.

For more information about recycling in your area, visit www.causewaycoastandglens.gov.uk/live/bins-and-recycling/recycling.

For more information on Recycle Now visit www.recyclenow.com/ni.