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Golden Sands responds to customers criticisms


Golden Sands caravan park at Benone near Limavady has responded to the criticism over the weekend towards them after a family was asked to leave its site following a complaint they had made.

As first reported on Saturday, customers complained that the caravan park wasn’t a safe environment following safety concerns about another of the park’s customer.

However, the management has now defended their business, responding to the allegations against them and condemning the ‘threatening behaviour’ directed at its staff.

In a statement issued via their Facebook page, a spokesperson for management wrote: “For over 30 years the Walls family have managed Golden Sands and endeavoured to provide a clean, safe and enjoyable destination for all of our customers, particularly families with children.

“We have always conducted our business with utmost integrity while liaising and complying with the relevant authorities in regards to the running of the park.

“Unfortunately, an incident occurred where a customer was asked to leave the park. The customer was fully reimbursed for any money paid, as a goodwill gesture, in presence of the PSNI. As a business we have a zero tolerance policy regarding any threats or intimidation towards either customers or staff.

“Following this incident, on Saturday 17th June, our staff were subjected to sustained vile, intimidating and threatening behaviour at the reception from individuals from outside the park and were in fear for their safety. The PSNI were called and are currently dealing with the incident. Video evidence of the abuse has been collected and will be forwarded to the authorities.

“We are fully aware of the slanderous and defamatory comments being posted on social media regarding both the business and individuals in the management team and would strongly advise those responsible that posting, liking and sharing of such comments are being referred to the PSNI. In due course we will be taking legal action against the individuals involved in spreading the completely baseless and meritless allegations in an attempt to smear and defame the reputation of the business and staff at Golden Sands and would advise that such statements are now retracted.

“Regarding rumours circulating regarding any customers – this is a police issue and as a business we have no authority to get involved with such unless instructed and advised to do so by the relevant authorities who will decide based on any actual evidence they obtain.

“We would like to thank all of our customers who have contacted us to offer support and encouragement over the weekend and are fully appreciative of this.”