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Monday, October 25, 2021

Paisley ‘disgusted’ at BBC treatment of pensioners.

Ian Paisley has said he is ‘disgusted’ at the treatment of pensioners by the BBC over free TV licences removal, saying;

“This past week I have been disgusted with the BBC’s treatment of pensioners as they have decided to cancel the free tv licences of over 75-year olds. This decision will mean that Up to 3.7 million pensioners who previously received a free TV licence will now have to pay for it. I have spent the last few days standing up for pensioners and speaking out against this mistreatment.

Yesterday I was on The Nolan Show where I argued many points on why this is such an important issue to the pensioners of the United Kingdom as well as for those people who care for the most vulnerable in our society. Having a television licence allows the elderly a window into the outside world and the BBC forcing them to pay for this and to make the process to access this window more difficult and less affordable is nothing short of cruel.

I stand with the 3.7 million pensioners in the United Kingdom who will be effected by this decision and I hope that the BBC will reconsider their actions and take the responsibility of the costs through different means.”

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