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NI council miss out due to no Executive.


Northern Ireland councils have missed out on millions of pounds of ‘Levelling Up’ cash due to the collapse of Stormont.

The Westminster Government has published the successful bids of the ‘Round 3’ funding today (Nov 20).

A further £1bn is being distributed across Great Britain to support direct investment in communities and to address regional disparities across the UK.

The Gov.UK white paper reads: “In Northern Ireland, given the current absence of a working Executive and Assembly, the Government is not proceeding with this round of the Levelling Up Fund at this time.

“We will continue to work closely with projects and places in Northern Ireland that were awarded a total of £120 million in the first two rounds of the fund.”

It added: “All successful local authorities have been notified of their provisional awards, as have MPs who have projects in their constituencies.

“For each project, we will support local authorities to complete the validation and onboarding process. Until this process is completed, all funding announced is provisional.”