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Lesley-Anne takes on ‘Ration Challange’


Ballymoney Mother of three, Lesley-Anne Burnett, is taking on ‘The Ration Challenge’ in partnership with Concern Worldwide, from June 13-19.

Lesley-Anne will live on nothing else than the rations a Syrian refugee would have for a week, whilst she raises money to help save lives.

At just 32, the Baptist Church member is a full-time mummy to 3 children with a husband currently studying part-time at Bible College – so already has her hands full.

Speaking to the Ballymoney Bubble, Lesley-Anne explained how the challenge came about.

“I saw this challenge one day as I was scrolling through Facebook and I decided to look into it more to see what it was all about.

“What really struck me is how little food was included in the ration pack and the lack of the normal things that we eat like vegetables, fruit, condiments, meat etc.

“I mean £14 can feed one person for a full month,” Leslie-Anne explained

“That really got me. If I go to get a takeout at the weekend for my family, as a treat, it is always over and I hardly bat an eye.”

The ration packs consist of 420g Rice, 170g Lentils, 85g dried chickpeas, 120g Sardines, 400g Kidney beans, 330mls Vegetable oil. Also included are coupons to allow for 400g of plain flour and an additional 1.5kg of rice as well.

The coupons represent the additional food that can be purchased that some refugees are given by the UN or other organisations.

Asked why she decided to take on the challenge, she told us: “I decided to do the challenge to help raise much-needed funds for food, medical supplies and educational needs for those who need it.”

If you would like more information on Lesley-Anne’s ‘Ration Challenge’ or to donate, please visit the following link https://www.rationchallenge.org.uk/lesley-anne-burnett