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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Sugden remembers Claudy bomb victims on 50th anniversary

East Londonderry MLA Claire Sugden has paid tribute to all those who died in the Claudy bombing, marking the 50th anniversary of the tragedy by attending a memorial service in the town.

Ms Sugden described it as a “deep injustice” which continued to cast a dark shadow to this day.

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Speaking on July 31, Ms Sugden said: “Today, I stood with Claudy families in remembrance of their loved ones who were taken 50 years ago.

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“Nine innocent lives, their families and the community were changed forever on a horrific day that has cast a dark and long shadow since.

“God bless the people of Claudy as they continue to carry loss, suffering and injustice. I hope they continue to find strength, love and eventually peace.”

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